TLC/Pelvic Rehab

With our new TCL Center for treatment of problems in the pelvis, Rascal Creek provides a much needed service to patients of all ages in Merced. For the female population, we address issues related to pre or post-partum complications, incontinence, and acute or chronic pain in the pelvic area related to many different diagnosis and causes. For the male population, we can treat problems with incontinence, pain from bowel or retention issues, and pre or post-prostate surgery, or any other chronic pain in the pelvis. For the pediatric population, we can address issues related to bedwetting, urine or bowel retention, or pain in the pelvis from any number of causes. As with all our patients, we look at the whole patient and treat, educate, and help with strategies for healthy, pain-free living.

TLC (Through the Life Cycle)

Our goal is to provide specialized physical therapy evaluation and one-on-one treatment in a private and compassionate manner, to allow you, at any age, to meet your functional goals and provide you with life care strategies for home.

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