Welcome to
Rascal Creek Physical Therapy

Serving the community since 1987, Rascal Creek Physical Therapy is widely regarded as a leading expert in the field of physical therapy. Our goal is to return each patient to their normal daily activities as quickly as possible, at work and at home, fully functional and pain-free. We emphasize patient education and participation in the healing process. We'll teach our patient how to prevent recurrence of the current problem. We'll teach the patient what needs to change to avoid associated disorders to which they may be susceptible. When the damage of a disease or accident prevent full recovery, we teach the patient the skills they will need to manage pain and limitations.

We maintain a warm friendly ambiance where patients feel comfortable and where there is plenty of open space for camaraderie and patient interaction. Quilts, warm hearts and hands-on care from a friendly staff who cares about your recovery. At Rascal Creek Physical Therapy we fully appreciate that the quality of our patients lives depends on our commitment and expertise. Patients and physicians agree. Our reputation speaks for itself!

Philosophy of the Crew
"In recent years, the healthcare system has been severely hampered by a heightened sensitivity to rising costs. On the patient side, access to quality care and the expections of a full recovery have become "old school." At Rascal Creek, we acknowledge and understand the needs of the insurance company and the patient. We resist the notion that it is the patient who must bear the brunt of reduced benefits. We are an "old school" solution to your physical therapy needs. We expect full recovery and provide quality PT with a contemporary twist."


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